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syncing evernote android with evernote on windows 8.1

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I have evernote android and evernote for windows 8.1 on my laptop.  I have evernote android on my cell, and my tablet.  Some of the notes I made on my laptop did not sync to my phone.  Do I need both on my laptop to sync with the two different operating systems?




What do I need to do to correct this?  I am new to evernote and I am trying to learn how to connect all my devices before I go on to bigger projects.

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Hi.  It isn't especially difficult - mostly - to connect everything.  Just make sure you're logged in with the same username and password to the Evernote app installed on all those devices.  Then,  when you look at your notes,  no matter what device you're using,  you should be looking at the same notes.


To pass information between the devices,  they link to the server.


When you make changes to a note on device 1,  they are synced to the server.
When device 2 later also syncs to the server it will receive those changes.
You can then make more changes on device 2,  which sync back to the server,  and eventually (depending on the frequency of syncs) to device 1

When moving between devices to edit notes,  you need always to ensure a successful sync both before and after making any changes.

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