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Merging two accounts


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One approach is to share the Notebooks in your old account with the email address of your new account.

Then, from the new account email address, join these NBs.

Select all of the Notes in each NB of the shared (OLD) account, and move to NB in your new account.

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JMichael's suggestion is the cleanest method,


I've been burned with past versions of Evernote share abilities. (The new versions might handle tags better.)

So I still use the following method to transfer notes from one account to another.


In Windows, I would export the notes to an .enex file

Then import them into the primary account.


Two drawbacks

1. You will loose the notebook assignments, so I only export from one notebook at a time.

2. Importing them will take a big hit on your monthly maximum upload cap.


If you use this method, try just a few notes at a time.

And make a backup copy of both accounts (the .exb files) before transferring.

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