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Moving Notes to a Different Notebook


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Is this a not so subtle hint I should be using tags instead of notebooks? My normal workflow of adding all new notes to an Inbox and then dragging them to the correct notebook every few days is impossible. When I change the notebook from within the note, evernote now thinks I'm only interested in the newly designated notebook instead of the original notebook the note lived in.

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Please Evernote Team, help us on this subject. I want to support your new beta version and now that I have started getting used to the design of the beta version, I encounter the same problem as beforehanded mentioned.

How can we move the notebooks to stacks? It seems impossible for me to do that on the web version! The desktop version is of no use for me, because I'm using Linux Ubuntu.

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Hi evb,

thanks for your hint. I will try, but I once tried wine for itunes and it was horrible.

Furthermore, I hope there might be soon a solution anyways for the web version, because I use the web version more often because when I'm at other pc's (like school or friends) I don't want to install evernote desktop.

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