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Unable to create bulleted or numbered list in latest Evernote Android

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I'm on Evernote for Android version, Build AM_601_1430/3287b51caa1b3dea9282231c38bd805850935b4d


I've lost the ability to create bulleted lists or numbered lists in a note. The feature simply doesn't appear anywhere. I can create a checkbox list.


Is this expected behavior? Should I file a bug, and if so, how do I do it?


Joe Malin

Evernote: 633squadron


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Hi.  Uninstall / reinstall and if that doesn't fix it,  raise a support ticket (see below).  If you have any unsynced notes try emailing them into the database with your account email address,  and beware that reinstalling will mean re-downloading any offline searchable database.  If you have a large number of notes in one of these,  don't make plans for the evening...

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Just in case, you do know the latest version has a sliding text editing menu, right. Tap the A inside a circle on the lower right side of your screen to expand or shrink it. And once expanded, slide it farther left to see the bullet icons (options).

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