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EN Changed every note create date I have to 10/6/2014

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EN Changed every note create date I have to 10/6/2014.  I am trying to remain calm, but this has totally screwed up my workflows for using EN.  I am REALLY not happy about this.  Is this fixable?  This is a disaster for me.

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We need more info before we can help:

  1. What platform & ver are you running?
  2. What EN client & ver are you running?
  3. What changed recently?
  4. Do you have a backup?

Data loss is always a serious issue.  If you are a Premium Account owner, you can get Evernote Support, by both email and chat.

See  Submit an EN Support Ticket

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I am using the latest versions of PC, OSX, and IOS (2 devices).

I can't think of anything that has changed, I am always using it everyday pretty extensively.

I am a premium and business user.

I probably have a backup on time machine, but I have relied mostly on the EN servers, which now probably have the bad data.

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Hi. I'd create a support ticket. This is apparently a bug. One thing you could do to avoid this kind of problem now and in the future is put the relevant dates in the titles of your notes. It's something that has worked well for me in combination with the advanced search features.



Obviously, Evernote ought to be working properly, but using a minimalist approach like this tends to minimize friction when something goes wrong.

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@donohue--I've added this thread to your support request and notified the support team--as a business admin you should be contacted soon with additional follow up.


@Carmen--once you get a ticket running let us know so we can flag for the team as well.

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@gbarry, thanks for jumping in.  I'm sure the affected users will really appreciate it.


Please let us know as soon as you know what is causing this, and how, if possible, to avoid it until you can get  a fix out.


I am very concerned because I have a lot of Notes relating to personal and family history that I have gone to a lot of trouble to set the Created Date to the actual date of the event or document.  It would be a great loss if all of my Notes Created Dates were suddenly overwritten.  I have TM running, backing up several times a day.  But the restore process is so inadequate that I really worry if I had to restore from TM backup.

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