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Counterintuitive 'settings' button location



I like to run my web browsers in a small window, because I've been using Evernote as a notepad while I do other things. (I'm also mostly a mac user, so I never fullscreen anything.)


The settings button is really hard to find if you're using the new web client in a sufficiently small window. It scrolls off the end of the screen, and because of the whitespace after 'Tags', I assumed that that there weren't any more options on the vertical bar.


It would be helpful if the (important) settings button were in a more intuitive place, if the buttons compressed, or if there were some sort of notification (a scrollbar, an arrow, an ellipsis) that there were more buttons. I was also expecting the Evernote elephant to take me to some sort of settings page, but it doesn't.


Especially frustrating because the lack of a settings button was part of what prompted me to switch back to the old beta... and I needed to find the settings button to do it. Spent about fifteen minutes poking through all of the unlabeled buttons before I could find it.


It would have been helpful if there were a bar at the top along the lines of 'you are now viewing the beta, click here to switch back to the old beta', as much for my peace of mind as anything. I've gotten suckered into 'awesome new betas' and been unable to switch back, on other sites, so being unable to find the 'switch back' button worries me.


On a sidenote, the new UI is also maddeningly low-contrast. I'm prone to eyestrain, so I usually work with extremely low brightness / F.lux enabled, and my monitor settings make it almost impossible to see the UI. I can't change my settings, or I'll get hideous headaches.


For instance, the 'start typing' text on a new note, or the line break between notes are too light for me to read comfortably - they're just visible enough to be distracting, because I'm squinting, trying to see them more clearly. It would be really helpful if they were in a darker grey; I don't think it would make the screen read less minimalistically, and it would be much easier for me to read. Alternately, different colored themes would work for this purpose; I know that I'm an edge case, but I suspect other folks might like to work in an inverted color scheme at night, or something similar.


I'm not a big fan of low information density in the first place, though; I'm going to switch back to the old version until or unless it becomes unavailable. I'm new, and it imposes a lot less cognitive strain on me to see my notebooks and notes all at once; otherwise, I need to keep the whole notebook/tag/note structure in my head. I'm using Evernote for quick notes, not for writing a novel, so easy browsing is more important than lack of distraction for me.

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I just wanted to chime in that I agree with you on all points, especially in regards to disliking the low information density and finding problems with the colour scheme. I, too, operate on minimal brightness due to eyestrain and headaches-- in my case, migraines due to photosensitivity. Upping the brightness simply isn't a viable option for me, either.


This whole beta seems like a nightmare for people with any form of disability, be it cognitive, visual, or even physical (with all the extra mouse movements and clicks required).

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