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Sort on last updated

Roy van de Graaf

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Why can't Evernote remember to always sort my notes with the last updated one on top?


I can select that, but next time it shows me again the order with the last created message on top - meaning that my to-do-list, that I created ages ago, is somewhere down below, even tough I use it all the time.


Any tips?


Thanks, Roy

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This fine works for me, but sometimes Evernote has some troubles remembering these types of settings. Try setting the sort, then completely exiting Evernote via FIle / Exit, and then restarting Evernote.

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Never thought that this was possible. Just decided this morning to spend some time to find out if no-one else had this problem. Then found a thread in the Web-evernote section from last year, where more people were complaining that the obviously practical sort order on Updated was not persistent.

I was just about to give up, when I read the above workaround from jefito.


THANKS! I do think this is actually a bug, because apparently the sort order settings should and can be saved (which I know now!!!). But this does not happen automatically.

Exiting and then Quitting Evernote from the taskbar will save the sort order apparently!

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