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 This is my first time ever posting to a discussion forum. I recently downloaded Evernote basic for my MAC/ Iphone. I have one simple question. Is there anyway to use the product without saving in the cloud. I do not want to sync with another device or have any type of online storage. I am willing to pay for premium service if this is possible. Thanks 

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Just create one or more LOCAL Notebooks, and put you Notes in these NBs.

Local NBs are NOT sync'd, so they will reside only on the machine that you created them on.


To create a Local NB, from the menu:  Evernote > File > New Notebook > Local NB


I recommend that you use a prefix or suffix (like "L_") to clearly denote local NBs.  It is NOT easy to tell from the UI.

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If you are asking if you can have the notes sync from your Mac to your phone without using the cloud, the answer is no.


If you just want to use it on the Mac then you can make your notebooks Local.  You can't change an already created notebook to/from Local/Sync you will need to create new ones.


File Menu | New Notebook | Local Notebook


Don't know if it is possible for your phone.

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