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Combine multiple notes and send via outlook email to multiple participants

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Hi guys!


Evernote is such a great tool that I have suggested using it as a news archive for my organisation.


Current process: My colleague would screen for relevant news articles impacting our organisation and manually compile (cut & paste) it into a single email to be sent to all bosses. 


Suggestion: To implement using evernote as clipping can be really fast and tags inserted to aid future searches and references. We can retain all information!


Question: My bosses (including CEOs) love the current process as everything is in a single email memo. Thus, I wonder if there is an efficient way of compiling multiple clipped articles and send via outlook to a specific group of email addresses in outlook? My bosses wouldnt been keen on login into evernote to have their daily reads.


Can someone guide me on this? Your help is greatly appreciated!


Have a great day!


Thanks & Warm Regards,

Wen De



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There are several ways you could do this, but I think this might be the simplest and best:

  1. Create a new Outlook email
  2. Copy/Paste from Evernote the Notes that you want to include

I think this is the best because:

  1. You use Outlook to select recipients
  2. Outlook maintains a record of the emails sent
  3. I think is this the fastest way to get your Note contents into an email

You could merge the Notes in Evernote, and then email the merged Note to yourself, and then, in Outlook, forward to the recipients.  But I don't like this approach because:

  1. You lose the individual Notes when they are merged.
  2. The merged Note has a ugly divider between the merged Notes (yes, you can edit out, but that's just extra time)
  3. Email from Evernote does NOT use Outlook, so you have to manually enter email addresses

You may want to experiment with both approaches to see which you prefer.

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