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Sync worked fine then not working

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I work with a Macbook Pro (retina) at home and an iMac at office. I like EN I use for all sorts of business notes and personal notes. Its on iPad, iPhone, iMac and Macbook Pro. I have a personal and a business account. Our teams use it to manage many many projects.


For an unknown reason yesterday when I would move notes between business notebooks and later add notes the blue up arrow shows in the upper right corner of the note. When I press the sync icon to manually sync it spins for about 10 seconds but I don't see the sync bar on bottom left moving any files to cloud.


I've been an EN user for almost 2 years and have never experienced this before. For us EN was rock solid and never quirky until now. I have the latest version loaded on all machines. My iPad and iPhone are sync'd with the iMac but for some reason the MacBook Pro is not sync. Running OSX 10.9.5 on MacBook Pro.


I've tried the suggestions previously listed and still have no connectivity between my business account and EN server. Web working just fine.

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