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Windows Evernote Gray area between edit box and task bar out of control


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In the last few days I've noticed that the white edit area doesn't always appropriately resize based on the window, but instead sometimes sticks at being about two inches tall regardless of how the window is resized. The taskbar stays in the same place at the bottom, so this means that the empty gray area expands to up to 5 inches!


Demonstration of problem, note fullscreened: http://i.imgur.com/ExDdjZK.png


I never noticed this before last week and it doesn't always do it, but when it does it makes it almost impossible to do rough drafts of anything long in evernote. 


Please let me know if there is a better place to discuss/share this bug. 


When this starts happening it happens not only in the window popout view but also in the normal pane view, if I resize the top note list, the edit pane ends up with the giant empty gray area at the bottom. Screenshot of that not included for privacy reasons.

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Hi. Not sure that counts as a bug - the note occupies however much space it needs,  so with a one-line note it's pretty short.  If you have a one-page note it will fill the screen. Also the left panel and a note list are currently closed,  but both will be long enough to fill the screen pretty well when they're open.  Why does this make it impossible to do rough drafts?  If you need more space,  stick in a few headings and add some line breaks down between them.


This is the appropriate place to discuss the issue though,  so if anyone wants to express another opinion here....?

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