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notes locked to edit or start a new note

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I'm on imac at work, used to be able to open, start a new, or edit notes on this mac, but no longer. I can create a new note but can't type or paste content.

I access these notes from my mobile device and imac at home.

I cannot tell if I can edit notes on my home imac but I don't know why it suddenly got locked and I can't start one or edit. I can edit notes on my iphone.

Let me know what this could be?

Using chrome Version 27.0.1453.116

Thank you for your help!

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There's at least one other thread on this - may be related to the recent web version changes,  or to "improvements" in note locking to avoid duplicate editing.  You can try restarting / reinstalling,  unsharing / re-sharing,  and running a copy of any shared notes in your own account so you can edit a copy and then simply delete and replace the item in the shared notebook.  Worth a support ticket to kep EN in the loop...

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