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Evernote and Yosemite Integration





I am using evernote and the Yosemite beta. Seems to be running fine but Evernote does not use some of the new features. 

- Evernote in the share menu: the evernote plugin for safari adds an extra button to the toolbar. In Yosemite, evernote should also provide the option to add the same "send to evernote" functionality to the share menu. I mean the little box with the up error. Note sure but maybe it would be a way to integrate evernote in other applications as well. It also reduces the number of icons in safari.

- You could provide a Today plugin similar to iOS 8.



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The only trouble with integrating into the "share" button of Safari is that this would negate some of the additional flexibility offered by the clipper.


While I agree, it would be nice to have fewer buttons (to be fair, the button is optional, you can get by with just the ` hotkey), I like being able to select only a portion of the page to clip, or clip a simplified version of the article. This wouldn't be possible, as far as I know, for an extension added to the "share" menu. 


Some form widget in the "today" section could be nice though its exact implementation isn't clear. Would this replace the menu bar helper icon? Or would it just duplicate this functionality? Or would it be a place to enter a search query? so many options/challenges!

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I agree that the usage of the share button would make the web clipper partly unnecessary in Safari. However, I think in the other applications where the sharing button exists, such a Preview, it makes a lot of sense. I had a PDF in Preview open today and would have found it very handy just to send it to Evernote with one click. Wunderlist and Pocket are one of the first 3rd party apps offering this functionality as of today.


Cheers  :)

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I would very much like to see a sidebar widget, like the one in iOS8 for quick note taking and i'd like to see if at all possible Handoff, but I'm not sure everything has to be on iCloud Drive for that to work. Judging by the virtually broken implementation by Pages/Numbers/Keynote it won't be good if it does.

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I think in the other applications where the sharing button exists, such a Preview, it makes a lot of sense. 


+1  - I'd love to import all my notes in Notes.app - using the Share button, while not automated, would definitely be an acceptable workaround


This functionality (Save to Evernote via the SHARE menu) was demonstrated in the keynote. How do you activate this option???


missed the reference in the keynote - guess i had better pay more attention next time :)

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I frequently find myself wishing I could use a share sheet to send a PDF that just downloaded and launched into Preview. Not as efficient as clipping from the browser, but sometimes the PDFs come down directly to the Downloads folder and launch in Preview, and using a share sheet would save a lot of time. As it is, I have to launch Evernote and navigate where I want the PDF to go, then dump it in (this is better for me than just using the Preview share sheet to email the PDF to my Evernote upload account).


So, in short, I'd love to have access to Evernote share sheets as ubiquitously as on the iPhone. I don't understand why Evernote wouldn't think this is a critical application of the tech.

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