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Window is in half size always.


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I used firefox to do clip page and saved locally.


Problem is that locally the window to display the saved web page is only in half size.  When i scroll the mouse the page is still rolling in this half size window.   While if i put mouse over that half window for some seconds,  it can suddenly enlarge to the whole size...


Only web clipped page has this problem,  any other format like word,  ppt,  txt page are ok.


Any settings for this ?


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That's a bug most likely in the Windows client. I'll follow up with the appropriate team on it. If possible can you post the URL where the clip is from so I can test against it.


If you look at the Evernote Webclient you should be able to see the clip without it being cut off. Not an excuse, just a workaround until we can get a fix released. 

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