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Evernote for OSX



Is Evernote ever going to update their software for OSX and IOS?  It looks and feels awful. OSX looks like cheap software you get for free when buying a printer.  It looks great on the PC and the web so why not do the same for the mac? And this green look with the thin font on the iphone makes it hard to view your data. Your origionl software worked and looked much better. I know you think copying apples style is the way to go but it dosen't work. It looks unfinished. You need to update your software. 

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OS X sees updates about once a month. iOS similarly. Most updates don't contain major cosmetic overhauls because that requires considerable effort and can have signifincat impacts on how users use the application. I think changing the UI more than once a year would be frustrating for users.


After all, iOS got a major UI overhaul about a year ago, so not that long ago. OS X got overhauled a couple years ago, and based on screenshots from the latest Evernote Conference, we should see OS X getting a bit of a new paint job in the next few months (likely loosely corresponding with Apple's release of OS 10.10). 


I personally dislike the Windows interface immensely and prefer the interface of Evernote for Mac OS X. It looks fine, as fine as I need it to look. Ultimately this is a personal taste issue, so hard to make any meaningful arguments based on aesthetics alone. There are plenty of functional issues with all of the Evernote applications (grey on grey interface elements), which are of much greater concern to me than the completely subjective issue of aesthetics.

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