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Reminder create on Mac sync on iPhone

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You are not syncing from device to device. You don't necessarily need a premium account, but first some clarification...

A cloud service such as Evernote stores your data on it's servers and when you sync to save your notes, it sends them to the servers.

Sync only happens on *any* device if it's powered on, connected to the internet and you are logged in. You *can* exit/close out on both devices without logging out. It's recommended that you not log-out at all.

Your Mac does store copied of your entire database on your hardrive so you can work offline, then when you are next online, it will sync automatically according to the schedule you specify in your app settings. But, to avoid note conflicts and ensure Evernote always saves the latest versions of your work, you should make a habit of manually syncing DOWN (from the servers) as soon as you sit down to work and manually sync UP when you're finished working.

Now with regards to your iPhone, that's a bit tricker. Copies of your notes are saved on mobile clients (devices), but they are stored on the temporary cache drive which will, eventually, self delete. When accessing your notes from your iPhone while connected to the internet, what you see when looking at them are only the headers, which includes the title and a snippet of the contents. When you open a note, you are pulling the whole note down from the servers to your phone. It's pretty much an instant process so isn't obvious. Again, best practice is to manually sync at the start and finish of any time you open Evernote.

If you want guarenteed access to your notes offline from your iPhone, then you will need a Premium account, which allows you to have two offline capable notebooks.

To re-cap, when using either your Mac or iPhone:

▶ Don't log-out on either device. Ever.

▶ Set the auto-sync schedule on both devices to your preference, via the app settings. But for safety's sake, always manually sync at the start and finish of each session of time you spend working in Evernote on either device (client). Do NOT rely on your iPhone's cache drive to store copies of your notes to access while offline.


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