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Mr. Reminder - Get Reminder for Anything, Everything, Anytime

vinay shah

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In today’s fast pacing and multitasking lifestyle, you tend to miss out various occasions, events and days that could be important for you. No need to worry now!


Mr. Reminder, an Android based mobile application can help you remember each and every event, meetings, days and occasions, and can also remind others, associated with you, about their important occasions! It’s that simple and useful!

Core Features

  • It can be set for any reminding any event/occasion/day/date
  • Different persons can be defined for specific reminders
  • Sends email to the assigned person
  • It gives repeated reminders
  • Using this app, any task can be assigned to other peoples, like completing the project on time, reminding for visiting particular place on specific time and date for specific reason.
  • Reminder history can be viewed for specific days, weeks, months, past or the entire history of reminders.

Value to Users

  • This application can be used to get reminder for anything and everything by the users.
  • It can remind for periodic tasks.
  • Can organize your schedule and can also setup a reminder for the anniversary of your grandma, father’s day, and host of others. It may include sending reminder to your friends circle for watching a match of soccer in which your favorite team is participating or to watch your favorite movie on specific day.
  • It can also send reminders to people associated with you about their events and important occasions.
  • The best part of this application is that using it you can assign different tasks to various people explaining the specific significance and urgency of that task. It not only alerts you but your associates too, thus help you organize your work at both the fronts – personal and professional – in a better way.


What else could be better to organize your regular schedule of activities without missing out a single event? This is what Mr. Reminder can do for you, making your personal and professional

life hassle-free and delightful.


You will never have any complain from your family and friends about you missing any of the important events! It’s equally easy to install and user-friendly to handle.


Download Now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.biztech.mrreminder


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