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Note locked for editing

Mark Dodd

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Hi all,


I've got an odd problem, that shared notes in a shared notebook are readonly for my editing on PC using Chrome web interface. I created then I can edit these on the android app and the results show up on Chrome.


I can create a new note in the default (non shared) notebook and edit that afterwards in Chrome, but when I move that to the shared notebook it is now readonly.


Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing on the shared notebook?





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Are you the owner of that shared notebook?


If you are not the owner, has the owner given you "edit" privileges? (that is, are you allowed to make changes to the note contents in that notebook?) 


If you are not the owner, I'd recommend contact the owner of the notebook to have them check the privileges they have granted you, and modify them if necessary to give you edit permissions. 

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I wondered if the note lock system is overreacting - it's meant to check if anyone else is trying to edit the note you're about to open.  Is your Chrome interface blocking any popups it's trying to show?

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I noted the same problem since yesterday with the classic web interface in Firefox as well as with Chrome.


Today I checked several notes in several folders: private folders are writeable, shared folders are read-only (including that the trash button is non-functional).


The problem seems to exist in the classic web interface only. Using Android app, Windows Programm or new beta web interface allow me to edit the messages.


Even creating a new message in the classic web interface creates an empty message, which cannot be edited or deleted using the classic web interface.


PS: I think that the "Windows" tag is wrong here, since this is a problem with the classic web interface, which happens to me on Linux.

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In the meantime I opened a support ticket about this issue and got the answer, that they are "aware of an issue that prevents the editing or creation of notes in shared notebooks while using Evernote Web".

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