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Zoom (Windows desktop)

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Hi. Some of my notes have a small font when they were created (some of them from a web capture). How can I visualize them in a comfortable way without changing the font size. I think this development is essential since a note can have different display sizes depending on the device they are shown.


Thank you.

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Hi Alberto,


Other than using the web client to zoom in (or Evernote Clearly to read online with an increased font-size)... Evernote on desktop will not help you with this at the moment. Just the Web... and pinch to zoom on smart phones and tablets. 


I just wonder how often you would have this problem, though... and why it would be a problem to increase the font size manually.


If you're interested in preserving the uniformity or aesthetics of a clipped page... here are 4 suggestions:


(1) Clip to Evernote using The Evernote Web Clipper's "Simplified Article". That seems to give a decent font size every time.


(2) Save to Pocket or another read-it-later app where you can increase the font size as you please in "article view". Then, later, once you're done reading the article, you can send it from there to Evernote (simplified article)... or alternatively open that article you have in Pocket in a browser on your Windows desktop (via the Pocket share menu) and send it to Evernote from there.


(3) Or else... at the time of clipping the article to Evernote, also clip it to Pocket... so you have the Evernote version for filing/ reference and the Pocket version for reading. (You should see at the time of clipping whether you're going to have difficulty reading it in Evernote)


(4) Also... you can simply follow the link back to the original web page directly from the page link in Evernote and zoom in there... or once again, from the original web page, push that article to Pocket/ Instapaper etc... or open it in Evernote Clearly and read it right there.



Some other options for Windows desktop:


Depending on whether you have windows 8 or older, hit the start button... or in Windows 8 in your search panel... type in "magnifier" or the equivalent in any language ("Lupa" for me in Brazil). 


If you're using Windows 8, here are the instructions to adjust the font size of your actual desktop. Maybe save that as a shortcut on your desktop so you can revert back to the original font size a little quicker. Not sure how this will affect your Evernote note font size, though.



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