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New EN web beta: fine as a "distraction free" mode, but not as a prime interface


I've just had a quick play with the new EN web beta - it looks very slick, but the "distraction free" additions also mean lots of wasted space, especially when browsing a note list before clicking a note.


Some of these issues would be solved if EN jumped straight to the first note in the list (like the desktop clients). Much of the time I want to continue working on the last note I updated, and showing the note list with lots of white space either side doesn't gain much.


Similarly the "tall" headers above the note list are in the way of getting as much information on the screen as possible (i.e. where is says "NOTES" and a count etc.).


One option would be to do something similar to various Google tools and allow a "Display density" (compact, cozy, comfortable etc.) that changes the amount of whitespace.


The fullscreen option also doesn't use the full screen - it hides the note list, but doesn't really expand the note editor.


Also, I couldn't see a way to search the tag or notebook list.


Finally a good set of keyboard shortcuts are a must for a tool like EN - I couldn't find any way to easily leave editing mode, escape didn't even cancel pop-up dialogues.


In short - a good beta, I see where you're going with it, but for many users (I hate to use the phrase "power users, but you know what I mean) there is a way to go to make it an efficient tool.


Cheers, Mark

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