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Any way to sign up for beta w/ enhanced presentation mode?



I would love to use the new presentation mode.  It fixes many of my issues when I would try to use this feature.  I would love to be on the beta.  I thought it was mentioned that those who attended EC would get access.. but what about those of us that want to volunteer?  

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I don't believe this has been pushed to beta testers yet. 


For the Mac, you can just go to Evernote>Preferences>update and check "check for beta releases", and you'll download the latest beta, or latest stable version, whichever is newer. 


You can also fill out the Omnibus Beta Tester Beg to get into the private beta. This is more of a big deal if you want to beta test a mobile client. Only a few of the desktop betas have been private. Most are pushed out to whoever has that box checked. 

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