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Aaron Chen

Can't see any icons in iPhone notification Center

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There is only title there. It used to be a few icons but all disappeared now. I'm running iOS 8.0.2. "Access on Lock Screen" is turned on in Control Center.


Any one knows how to get those icons back? Thanks


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Evernote has worked reliably for me in Notification centre, but a number of other widgets have been a little sketchy. I suspect this is a combination of issues in iOS and in the widget/applications themselves. 


Try removing the widget and re-adding it. Restarting your phone could help too. I suspect the reliability of these widgets will improve with a couple iOS updates and a few updates to the applications themselves. 

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Thank you @JMichael and @ScottLougheed. It works after a restarting. It was still a header, then I tap on the header, bang! all icons came out! Again, thanks for your advise.

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