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Problems with new Evernote web clipper on iOS 8 on iPads.

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Several problems with webclipper on iOS 8 (Safari)

1) there is no way to enter tags for the article to be clipped. The interface allows the selection of a notebook but not entering a tag.

2) the webclipper icon can be ordered in the list of available media (e.g. email, Facebook, etc) in Safari. But that order does not stay as set. It changes next day. This is possibly a Safari problem under iOS 8.

Not being able to enter tags to clipped articles is a big loss of feature for the new Evernote on iOS 8. Unfortunately the Evernote on iPad is still an orphan.

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EN iOS 8 is a work in progress.  I would expect more features, and for the EN iPad to catchup quickly.


EDIT:  Sorry, I pulled the wrong blog.  Here's the correct blog:


The New Evernote for iOS 8: Web Clipping, Quick Notes, and More



Let us know what you think of these new features. We have a lot more on the way to support the new platform and the new phones. Stay tuned

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Well, it's a year later. Still limited in functionality and most importantly it n its current form I find it unpractical. In some cases it's just the link and in others it's the full page with ads and all! Give me the opiton, like you do with the web clipper. In what gets saved...

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Wepclipper, the app I used a lot is still unbelively disfunctional. Evernote seems to think that on iPad the webclipper is not being used enough to make it functional. It has been years, this app is being neglected to be improved:

1) it does not clip the article of interest, it clips everything on the page.

2) there is no way, you can tag the clips

This is sad since I use it more on my iPad than any other device.

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