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(Archived) Evernote for Palm Pre 0.1.13 Release notes

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High level improvements:

Evernote for Pre's offline operation is improved. It detects when the WiFi or cellular network becomes unavailable and allows the creation of notes offline.

Several bugs including: better display of notes and the note lists; and improved note editing.

Detail changes:

  • [*:3kybh2gs]Users are notified when Notes are uploaded
    [*:3kybh2gs]The application functions better without network connectivity
    [*:3kybh2gs]Uses are notified when quota is reached (except when notes are email)
    [*:3kybh2gs]User can add tags without selecting them from the list
    [*:3kybh2gs]Pending note are correctly uploaded
    [*:3kybh2gs]Improved messaging about GPS usage
    [*:3kybh2gs]Users can create text notes offline
    [*:3kybh2gs]Returning to app logs you in automatically even when offline
    [*:3kybh2gs]Evernote uses SSL when appropriate
    [*:3kybh2gs]User can place Evernote in the quicklaunch bar and bring the app to the foreground if it's already running
    [*:3kybh2gs]Note titles and tags can have HTML characters
    [*:3kybh2gs]Users can use passwords with punctuation
    [*:3kybh2gs]Text note are saved when a user presses on Save button
    [*:3kybh2gs]List of notes is refreshed after add/delete operations
    [*:3kybh2gs]Note display is improved, the end of note has space at the bottom making room for application buttons
    [*:3kybh2gs]Thumbnail list view is displayed correctly
    [*:3kybh2gs]User are warned if they discard edits

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I noticed that you are working on an offline view/edit mode for the iPhone/iPod. Please also add this feature to the Palm Pre app. Without this feature evernote is somewhat less useful on mobile devices. In addition to the WebOS version I would also love to see a PalmOS version!!

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