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Evernote Lost and de-focus her business

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We don't pay goolge for searching , We also don't need provide google the data we are searching.

Evenrote is a niche business and more personal, that is means she should try to grab and got user's loyalty


how to make it 

 form my view point , that is (mainframe, search engine,default OCR)


 1.mainframe ; if there is nearly or close to free upload space for premium or business user , that is means users will more and more relay on it and getting higher loyalty   (that would be a steady income for evernote), in other words, for those who only up load couple G data, how you will expect next year they willing pay for it.


2.Search Engine,  thanks for google release search engine code as open source and more and more popular topic on "Big Data"

    tones of experts devoting how to dig data , Evernote could not not touch it now but just increase the searching performance on "users data" is enough


     more friendly interface on desktop ,

    or web app can allow two or more account in one cell phone or ipad , ......


    Now you are manipulate users own data ,  you have quite unique business so ...... face less competitors 


3.default OCR , 

   basically Evernote say that but I don't trust it , I still use ABBYY to transfer image to text (still need manual edit it and take tones of time ) 

  for without correct text , evenrot seems hard to find it (she still not yet have advanced " Artificial Intelligence search "engine could  try to got what users want then to find the data) for only  one single "space" between the words, you will lost it



  So from my view point, Evernote still have tones jobs need to explore, develop , and dig in 

  Please don't miss and lose your corn value (any enterprises live for it)


  recently , the beta version web evenrote, it totally out of evenrote's cone value



 Users who  use evenrote , is not for show it off, but for it really can do something and easily.

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