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Can't find the word count

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Hi there

I've found threads on word count, but the description of the Evernote screen, in order to find the word count tool, just doesn't match what I can see.


I've tried using the Evernote app on my netbook or using the desktop version via Google Chrome and I still don't see the Tools menu with an apparent word count function.


As a professional writer, it's really annoying not being able to see the progress of an article by word count. It's such a simple function, I really don't understand why it's hidden.


I've tried hitting the info button, but it just gives the size of the doc in bytes!? Who the hell measures an article in bytes?


Any help finding the word count would be great. Or even better, if Evernote could just sort it out and make it a default function.



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If you click inside a note to select that panel,  then right click,  you should see a menu with 'word and resource count' at the bottom.

That will show you a number of stats on the note,  including a word count and whether or not Evernote has OCR'd any of the content.

This is on a Windows desktop.. your mileage may vary.



PS - as to document size,  you're measuring a note that's part of a database.  The file size will be different if it's saved elsewhere...

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Thanks for responding. I am working on a note now. When I right click I get, cut, paste, copy, spell check, writing direction, select all, inspect element.

No word count. This is Windows via desktop.

Sounds like you are logging into your account via your desktop "web browser."  There is a separate Evernote Windows application that you can load.  If you instead use that application to access your account you will see the option that Gaz is referring to.

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