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Getting abreviated versions of Tags


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I just removed all my nested tags and created new tags like: Computer.questions and Software.Outlook, etc.  I just tried, 3 times, to add Software.Outlook to a note.  The first attempt displayed "out", the second "outl", it wasn't until the third attempt the the full name of the tag displayed. 


I looked to see new tags had been created in the process and they had! In fact I found 3 new tags: "ou", "out" and "outl".


I used the drop down list to pick the tag; after typing the first three characters  in Outlook.


It looks like EV requires more of the tag to be typed out.  Have others experienced this problem?


And, seriously, is it possible to create a usable image with a 40kg limit??  My screen capture software produces images >100, no matter how much I reduce them in size and resolution. 

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I believe this is a known bug.

See Autocomplete Tags Bug

EN sure seems to have a lot of idiosyncrasies.  Seems odd, considering it's apparent popularity, and the sophistication of it's users.  Tanks for the link, I'll check it out, I'm hoping to discover some kind of work around.  Maybe typing out the entire text of the tag, instead using the drop down??

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