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Note history + Merging of notes


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What client are you using? Web? Windows? Mac? iOS? Android? 


Note history is a premium feature. If you are a premium member you should be able to select any note, press the note info button (a stylized "i" on the mac), and click on "note history"


On Mac and windows, you can shift-click one note, then another, to select multiple adjacent notes, then right click and select "merge". You can select multiple non-adjacent notes with cmd(mac)/ctrl(win). 


On mobile clients, I don't think either one is possible. 

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Sorry I thought I had posted in the WEB Beta section. 


I know what Premium features are  ;)  I am Premium since 2009.


I just found out these features and many many others are missing in the new WEB Beta interface. I am going to revert to the old version until such a time more features are implemented.


It is darn fast though. That's nice!

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