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Evernote for Mac: Clicking the dock icon always shows the full notebook



Currently when I click the Evernote icon in the Mac OS X dock to bring it back from a hidden state, it always brings up the full Evernote window. This is annoying. If I have an individual note open and hide the app, when I click the dock icon I want it to show only the individual note.


Is there any way to work around this behavior?

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Yup, figured that out, but is that the only solution? I'm used to switching between other apps by simply clicking the dock icon, and Evernote is the only app that launches a new window each time I click it (despite having an existing note open). While right-clicking is a workaround, it makes Evernote hard vs other note taking apps.

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I do not have a solution to the problem that you asked, however, there are other ways to switch between apps and their open windows.

Mac has configurable keyboard shortcuts that can accomplish many things. Of relevance here: there's an option to switch between the open windows of the application that you're in, and another option to switch between open windows of all applications. I can't give you the command codes because I reconfigured all of my shortcuts to ensure there were no overlaps between those and shortcuts in Evernote and Google Chrome. 

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What Brad has described is a big frustration for me too. There should be an option in Preferences that allows you to turn off this behavior so that only the notes you have open will be shown instead of popping open the Evernote app main screen each time I click the icon in my dock.

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On 1/22/2020 at 8:02 PM, Metrodon said:

Not in Evernote as far as I'm aware but MacOS provides you with options, press and hold the dock icon, swipe up with 3 fingers, cmd+tab displays the most recent open window for the selected app.

It's inconvenience, we want to hide Evernote main window, only show opened note window, when switch back from another application, first time click icon it can only show the opened note window, not open a main window itself that cover note window.

I think you didn't use MacOS.

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