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Evernote Business Card Scanning Promo

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I signed up for Evernote after I found out Cardmunch was no longer available in June. I was under the impression that I would get the 2 year free business card scanning promo once I moved my cards from Cardmunch & Linkedin to Evernote, or at the very least, the 1 year of free business card scanning promo for syncing LinkedIn and Evernote. I recently, however, ran into an error message notifying me that I've exceeded my sync limit and must upgrade to premium. This is frustrating because there is no contact or support line at Evernote to resolve this problem, and LinkedIn hasn't been much help. Evernote has not honored their promotion, and now I'm compelled to pay money for a service that was advertised as free for 1-2 years. Anyone know how to resolve this or who to contact to figure this out? 

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If Wordsgood is right (and I think she is) all you've seen is the standard encouragement to buy into a higher upload limit - 4GB for a Premium customer as opposed to 60MB for a free user.  I'm not sure what the terms of your transfer deal from Cardmunch entail.  There's more here..

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