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android Can I search evernote using voice commands?

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I've got that cool little google search widget at the top of my android phone homepage where I can say "Ok Google" and then tell it what to search for.  I don't suppose there is an equivalent for Evernote? I'd love to be able to say: "Ok Evernote" "find my turkey recipe tagged Christmas" or "find my review of A Most Wanted Man".

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There are several voice control apps,  and I haven't done any research into what any of them can do.  They may be able to interact with applications - including Evernote - but that would be something you'd have to approach via the voice app software.  Evernote doesn't have any specific voice controls (other than accepting voice input for note content),  but it does have the API which a good software engineer might be able to use to push the right buttons...

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