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GBarry: Where are the Beta Release Notes?



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GBarry:  Where are the Beta Release Notes?


In your announcement, you referenced Release Notes.  Where are they?

Posted Today, 03:53 PM

Welcome to the new Evernote Web, now in beta! To opt into (and out of) the beta, go to your account settings/summary, and activate/deactivate the beta.
Let us know what you think, and check back here regularly for release notes as we move forward with development.

I suggest you start with this list. And you should provide a link to the Release Notes on the Beta signup screen, as well as state clearly that the Beta is missing many features and may not be suitable for everyone's workflow.  You should also make the "Let us know what you think" be a link on the signup screen to this Beta Forum.




I spent some time today comparing the new "Web UI preview" with the productive version and have made a list of missing or changed features in the preview. I just want to document the facts without any judgement. Please feel free to add things, I am sure I did not find all.
  1. Side bar
    1. No expandable/collapsable lists of notebooks, tags etc. which increases the number of necessary clicks and scroll actions to reach an entry
    2. No drag&drop to the sidebar
    3. No nested tags
  2. Search
    1. No saved searches
    2. No possibility to save a search
    3. No previous searches
    4. No Filters
  3. No reminders
  4. No list view
  5. No hyperlinks
  6. No location information
  7. No way to print a note
  8. No inline view of pdf files
  9. No possibility to display a note in a separate window (I use it often on second screen)
  10. Only 4 notes in the snippet view on my Mac in contrast to 8 in the productive version and 24 in the list view
  11. In most cases I cannot see the complete title of my notes just about 32 characters
  12. Lots of unused whitespace. For example when you switch to the fullscreen view of a note it actually just moves the note to the center but does not use the additional space.
  13. Selection of text style has to be done after adding text
  14. Difficult to read due to lack in contrast
  15. Huge fonts take unecessary space.



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The next set of release notes should be available at next web release. We plan to roll out release notes with each subsequent update to the new client, which should happen at our regular Wednesday web release.


With regard to adding release notes and "feedback" links to the client itself (or the opt in page), I'm passing that on to the team.

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