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how to search notes only (not tags)


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I have too many tags and want to get rid of some. Sometimes a plain old search gets the results I need. For example, when I search for "subscription" I get all the results I need (I can see the word subscription in the title or in the note) so I don't require the tag "subscription".  I noticed a couple of notes that had the tag but not the word in the title or the body, so I just added the word to the body and got rid of the tag. Bingo, One tag down.


I found an issue with my method. Evernote searches the note content as well as the tag. Not sure if this is new.  Many of the notes include the tag 'Santorini' but the word is not included in the title or body. If I were to remove that tag I would be snookered.


And that's fine, in the sense that I am not setting out to remove all my tags, but I need to know which ones I can remove, and that means I need to tell Evernote: search for X in the title or body but not the tags. That is the only way I will see which notes can be searched for without relying on a tag.


Is there a way to exclude tags from a search?

(Note: I am not asking about the -tag:X and I cannot use that in this case. I am not inquiring about searching the tags and displaying the notes that contain or do not contain tag:X. I am asking about not searching the tags at all for anything).

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If you don't want to use the "-tag:X" approach, I don't know of any other way to search for content but NOT Tags.

When you enter just text in the Search box, without any qualifier (like :tag), then it searches everything: Note body, tags, title

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Don't know any way to do this, no. Tags (and note titles) have been included in normal text search for quite a while, several years at least. It's by design.


A search for "X -tag:X" will find notes that have 'X' in their body, but not tagged with 'X', as far as I know, if that helps as a workaround.


Search grammar is here, just fyi: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php

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