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BETA - Productivity is lost - NO GO


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It looks like new Web Beta Evernote is taking the wrong turn on many aspects of the work.

Sure, it is pretty, but the productivity aspect of Evernote usage has been entirely forgotten in the new design.


- Menus are difficult to access rapidely as they collapse immedialtly (menus and notes should work together, not separately)

- As lists are given too much vertical margin, it becomes very difficul to scan them

- context is getting lost (A note is not an idenpendant object. It's often related to other notes in different notebook. Jumping from one context to another is getting very painfull.)

- Notebook cannot be favorited (put it back please!!!)

- No alt on icons (do we have to guess what they mean?)

- transition effects slow down usage

- contrast is too low

- etc.


In brief, Evernote is moving toward a Writing tool (where moving context away is sometimes usefull to increase focus). It is completely loosing its Organizing aspects, which could be a major NO GO in the future, if the Evernote team decided to apply the same principles to the Desktop version.




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It's pretty much not a web client. It's a mobile web client. Explains everything and if Evernote team thinks advertising its dumbed-down design as 'nondistractive' (it really is) is going to relieve them of maintaining a non-mobile, feature-rich web app they are wrong.

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