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Find Within Note keeps text from previous search


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Unless there's a reason (there might be) it's counterintuitive to keep the text from the previous Find Within Note in the search box.  CTRL-F should present a clear field so the user can immediately start typing a fresh search term.


Current workaround: CTRL-F / CTRL-A

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The usual idiom is to retain the prior text, as it can be useful to do so in case you inadvertently dismiss the search control, but to present it as selected in the edit box, so that typing a character will clear it without any special action on the user's part. Try typing Ctrl+F in your browser; I'll bet that it does that too (Chrome does, for one).

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Yes, what Jeff said. The bug here is that we're not auto-selecting the prior search text for you, which is why you need to do the Ctrl+A manually. Fixing that now, thanks for mentioning it.

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