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REQUEST: Create new notebook/subnotebook in Web Clipper when you add a topic

Brian Clear



First post so apologies if this is not the right place or format.


REQUEST: I think the Web Clipper would be improved by letting users create Notebooks from the Web Clipper drop down.



I've started a new night course on UX and so am finding tonnes of websites, notes etc. 

So I created a UX notebook but this can also expand into IA Information Architecture so need new notebook or sub topic like UX/Sketching so need sub note book or my UX one.

I keep having to go out and create the notebook in another tab then go back and clip the page again for new notebook to appear.


I'm using Evernote Web Clipper on Chrome on Mac OS 10.9.4.


Great product... love the new beta.



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I totally agree. OneNote Clipper is not as wonderful as Evernote Web Clipper but it has add a notebook option.

Sometimes when you are browsing you come across some topics you feel you need to put in a new notebook. Yo do not want to go in to Evernote to do that.

Instead I add everything to my general username's notebook and when i have the time place them into different new notebooks.

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I agree.  On my Android devices, I am able to create a new Notebook as needed when I clip something.  On my PC, I need to go into EverNote to create the new Notebook - or just save notes into a To-Be-Sorted notebook and sort later - exactly what I have been trying to avoid by switching over to EverNote.  

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I too want to create a new notebook from the clipper. What's worse than that this feature is missing is that when I added a new notebook in the application it doesn't show up in the notebook choices in the clipper.  [Safari 6.2.8, OS X 10.8,5, Evernote for Mac 6.0.16] (I haven't tried it, but I am assuming it will show up when I quit Safari and open it again.)

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I just came across this conversation because I thought I used to have that option and I could no longer find it.  I found no solution online. I deleted com.evernote.EvernoteHelper.plist from the Mac Library, deleted the Web Clipper extension and reinstalled it. I now have the option restored. I am Mac El Capitan and Vivaldi browser.


Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 10.35.05 AM.png

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