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evernote to word or rtf?

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I am using evernote for a research study.It has been really useful for writing observations and field notes. We will be using a qualitative analysis program that only accepts doc/docx and text documents. Is there any way to easily convert evernote notes into doc/docx or text files? Converting them in multiples would be best for me. I did find that I can export a note as an html file, then open it in text edit (and I have to unlock it for some reason) and then I can open it in word. Is there an easier way?


Thanks for your help!


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Hi Debbie.  You can work in a doc(x) file from day one and attach the file to an Evernote note,  so all your observations are available in the correct format,  or you can cut/ paste contents file by file,  or export to HTML.  At the moment though there are no other batch options.

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