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Using Doc Camera for Magazine Articles

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I have Evernote installed on my Android tablet, I'm trying to capture a 4-page journal article using the Document Camera, and can't get it right;


1) it's a standard magazine-sized page, so I'm holding the tablet far enough above the page to capture the whole page---resulting image is hard to read 'cause text is too smal, if zoom it's illegible;


2) the paper stock is standard magazine, semi-glossy I suppose, and slightly curly---lots of reflections scattered around the page, come out as bright artifact, no text visible in those areas;


3) the flash trips every time and the resulting image is completely washed out, pale gray on white background, can't really read anything;


The way I'm doing it the results are useless, and I figure there must be a better way, or nobody'd use this feature; so, am I doing this wrong? Any advice?


Thanks in advance . . .



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My usual tests for journal posts -

  • can I find the same content on the internet?  Clip page(s)
  • is the content legible if I take a picture? If no,  increase resolution
  • still no?  Cut the pages out and scan.

You should be able to select the device camera instead of the document camera for a slightly bigger picture area (no margins) - you can also select resolution.


The document camera is super good for one-page non-glossy documents like letters,  and usually usable for other types of picture.  But sometimes you just have to find another way...

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