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2014 Evernote Conference

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New Penultimate is coming soon...


And introducing Scannable, our new scanning app that seamlessly integrates with the Scansnap Evernote Edition. More info and details on the way.


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After 6 years, Evernote finally announces the new, beautiful online note taking experience. 

  • New, simple design
  • Focused writing mode
  • Focused Search mode

Opt in by selecting 'Get the beta' or in your Settings  > Account Summary


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Follow @Evernote or #EC2014 for highlights like this: 


@evernote Meetings suck. They are terrible. Most of you probably hate meetings. Almost all meetings waste time. They are unpleasant. #EC2014


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I think it's worth calling out two big things that were brought up by Phil mentioned in the keynote. With Work Chat, we're achieving single note read/write sharing--providing far more flexibility to the sharing and collaboration experience. You'll no longer need a shared notebook in order to collaborate over certain notes.


The other piece is the common editor, which will be introduced across our applications and provide a more seamless editing experience. The latest Mac client has this common editor built in, and is our first step in our commitment to ensuring formatting is retained across any Evernote app.

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Any news or word on encryption enhancements? I got pulled away from the keynote halfway through (pulled away by a meeting, of all things).


I haven't come across anything related to this. As far as I can tell, it is not in the works. The focus appears to be on the new interface and collaboration.

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