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joined notebook notes doesn´t appear

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Hi. I can see the shared notebook. The thing is that I can't see the notes and reminders from this shared notebook in the notes section, where all other reminders and notes from own notebooks appear.

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Ok. So it's not a misconfig of mine.

And do you think there's some way to let it know to evernote ti be fixed if it's a bug?

Theoretically, they read everything here, so bug reports / feature requests should make it into the proper channels, but you can always open a support request. If you're a free user, you may not get an answer, but the report should go up the chain.

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The Android clients below the v10 generation are end of life. Even if there are bugs left, they will not be fixed.

If you want to give it a try, run a v10 client and check if it solves the problem. Hint: There seems to be a mixed experience with v10 on Android so far. Some users like it, others complain. You need at least Android 10 to install it.

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