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I'd like to stop autoscrolling to the note's beginning

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I use Evernote for my grocery shopping list. I have a note that's a long list of products (grouped by their locations in my local supermarket), each with a checkbox before it.  My wife uses the Windows product to check what we need and then I sync my Android's Evernote to get it.  As I put items in my cart I check them off.


I have no idea whether this is a strange use for Evernote, but it works for me.  I've looked at lots of vertical applications for shopping lists, but this actually meets my needs better than any I've seen.


My only problem is:  When I've scrolled down to somewhere in the middle of the list, because that's where I'm up to in the physical store, and my phone goes to the screen saver, and I then unlock it to return to my note I find that it has scrolled back to the top of the note.  This happens many times in the course of any given shopping trip (I have a large family and shop once a week, so the list is long and many items are checked off); finding my place again each time is frustrating.


Perhaps some applications benefit from this autoscroll, so if the default behavior can't be changed, I like there to at least be a way of turning it off for a given note.


Thanks for your consideration.



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