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preventing duplication of auto import files with new computer


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I am changing Windows desktop computers and I need to install Evernote and setup auto import of files. What is the best way to migrate to avoid all the Windows files being re-imported? Note that the folders might be in different locations due to XP moving to 8.1 but the folder structure and the file names/dates will be the same. 


Or if I simply move the Evernote database will all work fine without duplication.


Tips or best practice welcome



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Once a file is imported into Evernote it doesn't need to be kept in the folder (there's an option to have it deleted automatically) - or even kept at all,  if you're working on and updating the copy that's attached to Evernote.  To avoid conflicts I'd recommend not confusing import folders with 'normal' document folders - set up special 'Evernote' folders for imports and move or copy files into them that you want attached to Evernotes.  Delete those files afterward.


A first step for your exercise though is to set up Evernote in your new system and either copy the database folder from the old machine to the new,  or just log in on the new machine and let Evernote download the full database from the server.


If you have any unsynced notes or you use local (unsynced) notebooks you should export these to ENEX files from your old database and import them into the new.

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I couldn't find a way to avoid re-importing.  The best work-around I found relies on the fact that Evernote allows you to sort by date created and/or updated.  If you set up your import folder to the new import, it will re-import the existing records, but the new records will be created/updated on the date the import was set up.  Then you can delete all the newly created files (since they're already in your folder) and it will continue to import any files added to the folder.


Hope this helps.

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