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Android notes constantly lost

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If I create a note on my phone using a process other than directly in the open Evernote app (e.g., creating a note from the Evernote widget or creating a note from another program by choosing Send to Friends->Add to Evernote) there is at least a 50% chance the note disappears to be lost forever. I start the process, the Evernote add note window appears, I enter the info, hit the Done button, see the message "Sending to Inbox" (which is the notebook I use by default for new notes)...and then nothing (sometimes it says "Sending to null" but whether the not appears or not seems to be unrelated to this part of the behavior). The note never actually appears. I can create the note, immediately open Evernote on my phone and discover that it's not there.


As a test, I just repeated the same exact process 3 times in the same program (using the Send to Friends->Add to Evernote process). Nothing the first two times, then finally the note appeared on the third. I don't feel like I can trust it for quick notes when there is such a high prob of them being lost. I keep losing info I try to jot down because I assume its going to work and it doesn't.

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It's a Galaxy Nexus, stock Android. I've only noticed it happening when trying to add notes outside of the main app. The notes are still being added using the Evernote editor (e.g., by pressing Add Note from the Evernote widget). 


One possibility is that I think the failure rate increased after I added a PIN to Evernote. I'm wondering if that is making it more difficult for notes to be added when not actively in the app.

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No clue I'm afraid - unless there's another Nexus user out there who can throw any light - I'd throw in a support request/ feedback (see below) on the subject in case Support are aware of a hardware problem,  but I can only suggest a workaround for the moment.  You could share/ save your notes to another app and transfer them to Evernote later,  when you;re in a position to check that they all make it across safely...

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