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Lost laptop- Evernote security concerns



I lost my computer yesterday while traveling and am concerned about security on my downloaded Evernote app for Mac.  I just signed-up for the double-authentication with the Google Authenticator.  It says that it now asks for double-authentication when I sign-off and then sign-in.  I have noticed this working on mobile and my 2nd computer.

However, I am unclear if it will be prompted on my lost or stolen Macbook Air.  The Evernote desktop program is available on my desktop bar and always seems to active; has not asked me for an username or password at login--- it just works, turns on.  As I have upgraded to the now double-authentication security, will it ask the next user for this level of security?  Or, will it need to be signed-out and then re-signed in?

Thank you in advanced...

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You can log into evernote.com and go to your security settings and revoke access for that computer. However, if the thief opens the laptop out of wifi range, then I guess he will still have access to your notes. I'm sure someone here has experience with this.

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Thanks, ENut.  I just did that. Great suggestion.  The wifi issue is a challenge.  In my access history it does not look as if anyone has logged on; however, the wifi issue is both a concern in terms of security and also prohibits my ability to track access by this devices.

Thanks again, super helpful.

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