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(Archived) Automatically Tag Parent Tag When using Nested Tag

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Thanks in advance for any help offered.

When dragging a note onto a nested tag, that specific tag is applied to the note. However, unless you then also drag the note onto the tags above it in the hierarchy, the "parent" tags are not applied to the note.

It would seem to me that if I tag a note with a nested/child tag, then by definition, all of the tags above it in the hierarchy would and should also apply to that note and be automatically added as tags. Otherwise you have the tedious task of dragging the note to each tag in the hierarchy individually.

Perhaps I am missing something that is already in the product, perhaps a setting somewhere? Otherwise, this would seem to be a pretty obvious feature to add.



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I agree with this, but I find that some parent/child tag relationship are "sub categories" of tags while others are to organize tags. Therefore, it would be ideal if each child tag could have the option of whether or not the full path is automatically added when a note is tagged with a child tag.

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