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Trouble with syncing

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The most basic first thing I would check is if you've created the same account on both devices. Then I'd log in a Evernote's web based program and see if notes are appearing there and if so from which account. 

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Downloaded Evernote yesterday on both laptop and android.

When I create a new note on one device, it won't appear on the other.

Why can't I sync these? What am I doing wrong?


Have you created local notebooks? Local notebooks can't be synced (only if you are a premium user). If you want notebooks to be available on each device you use, you have to use synced notebooks.

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EDIT: Okay, reading this after typing it out, I can see that I provided answers to several questions you didn't even ask about, as well as a lengthy reply to the one you did. Most of my motivation for such a long post, is that your post seemed to ( at least to me), imply that not only are you new to Evernote & this Forum, but also new to this kind of tech, so I wanted to be very clear. As for why I waxed poetic thoughout it (and badly too!)...well, that's kind of a bad habit that kicks in when I'm over-tired. (And right now I'm exhausted!)

I could go back an edit it down to at least half the current size, but I'm too tired to bother. In any case, I did include a lot of really good info for you, so I hope you'll read it anyway!

Now back to the original post text.

Hi Snakedaddy,

Welcome to the Forum!

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