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Opening Evernote using Touch ID

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To set up Touch ID as an optional way to unlock your Evernote, your device must support Touch ID (for example, iPhone 5S) and you must be a Premium subscriber. 


To enable Touch ID for Evernote: Tap your account name, then tap ‘Premium’ from the menu options, enable 'Passcode Lock', then enable 'Unlock with Touch ID'. You have the option of setting a time frame in which Evernote remains unlocked.


Note: Touch ID also requires you to create a numerical password.

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I realize I'm late to this conversation, but I have Evernote PLUS, not premium.  I finally figured out how to turn it on without a premium account: in settings, go to general, then passcode lock, then turn on passcode lock, and switch the toggle to "on" for unlock with touch id.

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