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(Archived) Evernote. Why it will make it & 20 Awesome Ways to Use It.

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This website has good suggestion how to use Evernote: http://www.inquisitr.com/2179/evernote- ... to-use-it/

Below is a few tips from that site:

Code Snippet Library: Coder? Use evernote as a store for all those snippets of code that you need to revisit.

Takeaway & Delivery menus! Yep, scan or even just photograph your menus & never lose them again. Just think, you can search for whatever you’re in the mood for! :]

Instant Message Store: Ever need a record of a previous instant message conversation - copy & paste it into evernote & it’s there whenver you need it.

Inspiration: I use Evernote more for this than anything. I’m an inspiration fanatic - particular with design (logos & websites in particular). When online & I come across a site, logo or maybe just part of a site I like - you can just use Evernotes to capture that area or page. Should you want to capture the entire webpage (which you would normally have to scroll down for), I recommend using a firefox screenshot tool like screengrab! which lets you quickly save the entire page as an image and you can then insert that image file from your desktop into evernote. Works a charm and particularly fast on the mac.

Of course, if you find inspiration on the road - take a photo of it or use your iphone to and you’ve got it there to come back to when you need it.

Recipes: Find an recipe you like in a book, online or wherever - capture it using the many options available to you. The next time someone asks you the recipe for the wonderful dish you just made, or maybe you’re stuck for options while at a friends place - guess who has the perfect recipe to hand? :]

Paper notes: Find you’d much rather stick to handwritten notes? Then just keep them to hand at the end of the day - take a photograph of them on your iphone or scan them in & you’ve got a back of each of them…again, easily searchable, for whever you need them.

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