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Stops recording when switch to another notebook



Evernote 5.5.2 on Mac OS 10.9.5. I was recording a meeting with an audio note. When I switched to another notebook to check something, Evernote not only stopped recording, it erased it completely. I lost the entire recording, and it's not in the trash either. 


If I switch to another note in the same notebook, everything works fine. When I switch to another note in a different notebook, then it loses the recording. Couldn't Evernote at least warn me before I lose everything? 



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Sounds as though it definitely should.  I'd suggest a support/ feedback request to apprise Evernote of this behaviour,  and for the meantime you may be better off recording in another app that can be left to fend for itself while you make notes/ look for background and generally do other things.  At the end of the session,  save the audio to MP3 or WAV and embed it in the note.  Make sure you keep a backup copy of the audio until the note has synced.

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