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Evernote for Windows "Find within Note - Ctrl-F" feature is good, but not quite right.

Jeff Byers

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I submitted this to support as a minor bug, but the ticket was ignored and was automatically closed. The bot recommended that I submit this here, but I'm not sure what good that would do, unless they are going to open-source Evernote or something.


I need to use the Evernote for Windows application because the Android app "Find within Note" feature is so pathetic.


The Evernote for Windows "Find within Note - Ctrl-F" feature is good, but is not quite right.

On the second search, the application do leave the prior search term in the field, which is right, but does not pre-select/highlight the field, and place the cursor at the beginning of the field, instead of the end.


This makes using the feature difficult since most commonly, one will want a different search term, or to use the right arrow to add to the field text already there.

Instead, almost every time, one just starts typing expecting the selected text to be replaced with the new search term, but instead it gets place in front of the current text, so one has to use the arrow and backspace keys to fix it. So very clumsy.


To see how this should properly work, try almost any windows application such as the Firefox browser, or the lowly Windows Notepad.

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